Why Join A Team? | DT Properties in Littleton, CO

There are so many complications in a real estate deal. There are so many hats to wear as a real estate agent, and I would contend that it would be impossible for a single agent to do it all.

That's why I thought: let's start a team where everybody has a specialty. Everybody's got a responsibility, everybody's got something to do to benefit our clients the best that we can. Working with an individual agent, they have to wear simply too many hats.

There are so many different facets to a real estate transaction. That's why I believe having a team of experts that has their specialized jobs puts you - the consumer - in the best position possible.

Just as we wouldn't expect a single player to play every position on a team, we should not expect an agent to work through all of the difficulties of the real estate business alone.

An agent supported by a team will be able to focus on what they are the expert in, and outsource other tasks to people better suited for them.

- Dan Turre

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