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Today, we're talking about the importance of getting a home inspection. It's kind of a controversial topic. There are a lot of buyers, given our market, that are waving those, doing a pass-fail. What does that actually mean?

That's what we're gonna discuss today. 

One of the most important parts of the home buying process is inspection. The inspection's going to bring in a third party, unbiased expert to tell you if you're making a good decision or a bad decision.

They're not one to tell you what you should do, but they're gonna point out all the flaws in the house that you're gonna see.

-There are multiple types of home inspections and multiple steps to the process, but here are a few things we're going to focus on in today's podcast. 

Visual Home Inspection
Infrared Gun Inspection
Sewer Scope

So you're seeing a lot of things these days because it is a competitive market, where buyers are saying they will buy the house as-is. That's an okay idea. It's basically a pass/fail type of scenario, but I would never, ever recommend waving the inspection altogether. You do need a third party, unbiased opinion, expert, somebody that knows what they're talking about, helping you through the process.

One common thing to do is you can do a pass, fail type of inspection in the offer. We'll craft it and negotiate it, that you will be able to get an inspection and you'll be able to terminate the deal if you're uncomfortable with it. But you're not gonna ask for any repairs.

This is sometimes a competitive advantage for you as the buyer, giving the seller the peace of mind that you're not gonna ask for anything, but it also supports you - you go into the transaction knowing that you can get out of the deal and get your earnest money back.

It's somewhat of a win-win and in a competitive situation, oftentimes that's, what's gonna make the difference. There are so many different components to buying a home, but getting what you think you're getting is so important.

Honestly, inspections are probably the most important part of the actual physical home buying process. You need an expert to show you exactly what you're buying.

Check out this week's video to understand the types of home inspection, the reason you need a home inspection, and for more information on crafting an offer that gets you that inspection, but still stands out to buyers

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