Taylor Construction with Rebecca Seedorf | DT Properties in Littleton, CO

Being real estate professionals here in Colorado, we get used to certain trends. One of those trends is the fact that we have a very seasonal real estate cycle. 


Typically our hot selling season is in the spring, in early summer, all the way up until about the fourth of July. Now if you're a buyer, obviously it's a great time to buy at that time because you're going to have more supply of homes to look at. In turn, you're also going to be competing against more buyers out there in the marketplace. 


My favorite times to buy property are actually in the fall and in the winter. and here's why. 


I think that there are far fewer buyers out in the marketplace. So you're not competing against as many, and you are dealing with sellers that have a genuine need to sell their property. After all, who wants to sell their property around Thanksgiving or Christmas, or the start of the year? 


Typically in the fall and in the winter, you will see about a two to three percent discount on your purchases as compared to the spring and the summer. 


If you're a seller, and you have a need to sell, that's great. You also know that the buyers that are coming into your home and probably have a need to buy for that exact same reason. 


2020 kind of bucked that trend, I mean it bucked a lot of trends, but 2021 especially has shown signs of getting back to a more normalized marketplace, and signs right now say in 2022 we will continue to normalize and get back to our traditional sales cycles.


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