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Hey guys, Catlin Hill here, and I work with DT Properties. Today, I kind of just wanted to go over getting help with the down payment. It shouldn't be scary; there are plenty of assistance programs here in Colorado. If you ever feel like you maybe don't have enough, or you don't have anything at all, or maybe you want help with your closing costs, or maybe you would like an interest rate that has a lower monthly payment, please reach out to us so we can connect you with a lender. These are all things you would need to talk to your lender about. Her name is Rebecca Carr, her cell phone number is 720-639-8993.


She would go over things like CHFA, Metro DPA, and the VA, which is a 0% down for our veterans because they deserve it. VA, USDA, FHA, Boulder Solutions: those are more or less grants. They can all help you out. If you need a little bit of help, you're struggling to get that last little bit for your down payment that you need for your house or that interest rate - this is something that she can go over with you in great detail. You can call me as well, I'm Catlin Hill at 303-653-8160.


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Caitlin Hill  

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