2024 Expert's Home Price Forecasts

Last year, most experts thought home prices  would only go up a little bit in twenty-twenty-four.  Now, those same experts are more optimistic  than they were just a couple of months ago.

Check out this chart.


It shows what the experts originally thought  home prices would do in twenty-twenty-four.  And it stacks those projections up against their current forecasts. Look at how they’ve changed. See that? The numbers have all gone up. And even though it’s normal for experts to change  their forecasts as time goes on, these are a big deal.

Why are they revising their forecasts up? It’s probably because they know with rates trending  down over the last few months, buyer demand is gonna go back up. And since the supply of homes for sale is still low, that’s a recipe for price growth. Experts are paying close attention to everything  that’s happening in the market, and they think home prices are going to keep going up. That’s what you wanna hear if you're nervous  about prices dropping

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