2022 Denver Real Estate Market Update | Jason Carlisle with DT Properties Co

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Hey, how's it going? It's Jason Carlisle with eXp Realty right here in my hometown Golden, Colorado. 

We did see over the last year that single-family homes just increased on average by over a hundred thousand. So if you would've purchased a home a year ago today it would be give or take worth about a hundred thousand more. A lot of the experts are saying it's just gonna happen again. 

So it's not that there are necessarily few homes on the market. In fact, there are a lot of homes going on the market, the thing is that there are just a lot of buyers and that’s making the homes go faster. 

Now, more than ever, you have to get into the cycle and be ready to move quickly. The listing agents, when we list homes, we're going to hit the market on maybe Wednesday, Thursday, maybe Friday, and hope to, you know, have that particular home off of the market by Sunday night. So you really need to be looking Wednesday, Friday, showings and coming right back Friday or Saturday with an offer. 

Most homes are not going through the weekend, and if they are, we’re seeing price decreases.

I just checked this morning in the last seven days, there were over 200 homes that had price decreases where obviously they came in too high and didn't get maybe any offers, or enough offers that were, were acceptable to the sellers. So they've had some price decreases.

If you’re looking over about a million, 1.5 million, it is taking a little bit longer, but not much longer.

So the inventory, at least historically typically really starts to ramp up in Marcy, April, and May. And we're not just talking by a couple hundred, we're talking by more than doubling and tripling. So the good news is if you are a buyer, this is time to get everything lined up. If your financing is ready if you’re fully underwritten it’s time to move. 

There's been over a thousand homes hitting the market here in the Metro Denver area, and it’s time to get yourself one. 

If you like this content you know, if you have any questions for me, definitely let me know. I'm born and raised in the Denver Metro Area and I know all of the great places, the up and coming, you know, areas that we think might be of great value to live in.

This is Jason Carlisle here, a native Denver realtor, and I'm here to help. 

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